Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Plaque to Peasants Revolt, Tower Hamlets

Taken from Rebel Road of UNITE Education at

Sadly this is now long gone as it was quietly removed - much like the removal of the Chartist mural in Newport in 2013 - by the local council. (see links below for more on this) 

The mural was designed by Ray Walker, who tragically died young, and was sited 
in Bow Common Lane, London E.3 at the junction of Burdett Road. The Lane now forms part of Mile End Park.

The mural commemorates the 600th year anniversary of the Peasants Revolt. The unveiling was part of a weekend of celebrations by trade councils and union groups to mark the 600 year anniversary. The peasants army camped at Mile End in 1381 before marching into London.

Ray Walker was one of the artists who completed the Battle of Cable Street mural and many others in east London.

Photographer David Hoffman has kindly given his permission for the images to be used.

Many thanks to Jim Thatcher, UNITE member and blacklisted construction worker, for the information that appears here and for David Hoffman for allowing the use of his photographs. 

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