Monday, 24 June 2019

Domestic violence kills - 118 women and one male were killed in 2018, info on all of them

11 Women killed in January 2018

3 January 2018: Elizabeta Lacatusu, 44, was killed by 19 knife injuries to her chest and neck inflicted by her former partner whom she had left the previous month.

5 January 2018: Terrie-Anne Jones, 52, was stabbed 26 times by her partner her injuries included an 8cm deep stab wound to her heart, 13 to her neck, three to her collarbone, and two to her chest, with defence wounds to both hands.

8 January 2018: Claire Tavener, 27, was stabbed 10 times in her neck and chest by her husband who had been violent and abusive to her during their relationship.

9 January 2018: Julie Clark, 59, was found dead at home, she had died of stab wounds. Her son has been charged with her murder.

10 Jan 2018: Geraldine Mellor, 32, was strangled to death by her boyfriend of 6 months,  

12 January 2018: Amelia Blake, 22, was killed whist travelling in Australia by her boyfriend Aged 33, who also killed himself.

13 January 2018: Cassie Hayes, 28, was killed by Andrew Burke, 30, the ex-partner of her girlfriend. He slit her throat.

24 January 2017: Claire Harris, 44, was killed by her ex- partner, whom she had allowed to stay in the flat she rented whilst he looked for a new home. She had suffered 86 injuries – half of them to her head and face.

26 January 2018: Cheryl Gabriel-Hooper, 51, was shot dead. Her husband was also injured and was arrested on suspicion of murder. Cheryl had recently separated from her husband

29 January 2018: Janet Scott was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend Simon Mellors, she survived the attack but he ran her over and killed her as she tried to flee. Mellors had killed a former partner, Pearl Black in 1999 and killed Janet whist on licence.

29 January 2018: Paula Harris, 44, was strangled to death by her partner Michael Foster, 39.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Who was Edward McHugh and why a headstone is being unveiled in his honour?

Here is the link to the Unite booklet on this remarkable man.

Photos from the Wolves museum

A player who was great to me with his willingness to talk at length about Charlie Hurley, Stan Anderson and
the Wolves FA Cup winning side of 1960 

Brian Higgins dies - the most blacklisted man in Britain

Here is the link to Brian's booklet:-

Here is the leaflet issued in his defence when he became the only union member ever taken to the High Court by his own union, who lost!

Flying the flag (s) v Pompey

The bairn and I helped put out the flags before the Sunderland v Portsmouth match on 27 April 2019. It was good fun and definitely worthwhile doing. 

How I got pulled into the storm over who is now the oldest league club

From When Saturday Comes magazine