Tuesday, 9 September 2014

International Brigades statue, Belfast

International Brigades statue, Belfast                      

The International Brigades who fought in Spain in the 1930s are commemorated with a statue in Writers’ Square Belfast. Designed by Anto Brennan, it was erected by the International Brigades Commemoration Committee and unveiled on 13 October 2007 by Bob Doyle, a member of the Brigades and a life long militant. Accompanying Bob was Jack Jones, President of the IBMT and former general secretary of the TGWU and who also fought in the International Brigades, and Jack Edwards, a Liverpool volunteer. 78 men born in Northern Ireland participated in the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. At least 18 families of Irish veterans were present at the unveiling. 

For more details see: - www.irelandscw.com/org-Oct07-1.htm 

For more on Bob Doyle see his obituary at

Many thanks to Richie Browne, Unite regional co-ordinating officer, for this photograph.

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