Thursday, 18 August 2011

Private prisons for profit

Privatisation, job cuts and closures are the future for Britain’s prisons as the government pushes forward with its plans to put profit before people.

Opening up Acklington, Castington, Coldingley, Durham, Hatfield, Lindholme, Moorland and Onley to competition comes only months after it was decided to transfer operations at Birmingham to G4S and following which 123 job cuts were swiftly announced.

Those left out of work will struggle to find employment elsewhere within the prison service as the government also intends closing Latchmere House and part of Hewell prison. All of which rather begs the question about whose going to be left to do the rehabilitation work with the 85,000 people currently locked up, and demonstrates said PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka that: "This government is obsessed with putting profit before people, even when that means making money from locking people up.

The recent announcement by G4S of job cuts in Birmingham proves it is simply untrue that these privatisation plans are about making services more efficient or effective."

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