Tuesday, 30 August 2011

1,206 dead and nothing said

January to May saw, at least, 1206 refugees and economic migrants die in trying to come Europe to escape persecution and poverty. The figure’s, collated using documented sources by the Amsterdam based United for Intercultural Action, push the overall total since 1993 through the 15,000 barrier.

With many dying when their boats capsized then only a handful of these latest victims of immigration laws designed to keep them out of Europe have been identified.

They include Aminullah Mohamadi, aged 17, and Kambiz Roustayi, aged 36, both of whom committed suicide rather than be deported back to Afghanistan and Iran respectively.

At least with their names known it might give their families a chance to mourn their passing, but with a continuous daily diet of migrant bashing in papers right across the continent then there’s little prospect at this time of putting an end to the carnage. More is the pity; we’re talking people here. 

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