Thursday, 22 July 2021

Long standing Labour Party member Gerard Dempsey's resignation from the party


21  July 2021



David Evans

Acting GS

Labour Party





Dear Comrade,


Re: Gerard Dempsey Resignation with Immediate Effect

I write to resign my membership and record my utmost disgust at the ongoing misconduct by the so called Leadership, acting GS, Officers and most of the current inept PLP.


It is a challenge to keep it brief at the toxic nature of the above and almost any tangible trace of socialist values from the party. 





Expunging socialism from the party and attacks on decent socialists.



Whipping up bogus Anti semitsm with right wing groups and the BoD.


Whilst engaging in racism and inequality against other groups including by MPs and staff towards muslims, blacks, gypsies and travellers.


Failing to defend Palestinians from the brutal oppression and genocide by the Israel state including murder, torture, ethnic cleansing of palestinians.




We have witnessed Assaf Kaplan being hired by Labour as a social listening and organising manager, a new post described as “a crucial new role at the heart of Labour’s new approach to digital campaigning”.


The complaint from Bindmans solicitors alleges that Kaplan worked for Unit 8200, the cyber branch of the Israeli Defence Force, from 2009 to 2013. It adds that the unit has been mired in controversy over its surveillance practices against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza.





The party failure to suspend /expel all those Cllrs involved in the Rotherham CSE Grooming that caused over 1600 children to be sexually abused and raped. The lack of safeguarding and the Coverups on an industrial scale for years.


Failure of the LP to deal with above complaints on the above for many years; then again approving the same unfit Cllrs to 







Rotherham Council and other councils embraced tory cuts rather than fight.


They ignored the valiant campaign to save Day Care Centres in Rotherham that every major union, socialists, communities  and over 100, 000 who signed petitions, campaigned and opposed  the Council's pernicious  closure of every Learning Disability Day Care centre in Rotherham serving the most vulnerable.



On the NHS bill we are treated with  a

kak handed policy.


Labour is rightly voting against I believe and yet it is Labour Cllrs who have sat in the integrated care partnerships for 2-3 years and which are now to be key to further NHS destruction


Not one Labour Cllr has ever resigned from being a member of the integrated care partnerships.


Its all about the cash and gravy train.



Just 32 Labour MPs (approximately 16%) signed the motion opposing the USA takeover & wholesale privatisation of our NHS.


Labour should be Standing up for our NHS night & Day to defend our frontline heroes.


They should be Exposing the sale of the NHS 24/7.


But They won't, they are funded by spivs, fat cats and several Private Health Vultures.


Labour are reduced to flogging off NHS/Labour pin badges





Undermining the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn for 5 years by most of the PLP and GLU staff.


Recklessly and deliberate acts to lose the 2017 and 2019 elections.


Putting forward the 2nd brexit referendum by Starmer that was incendiary and toxic on the doorsteps despite the most welcome and progressive manifesto for generations.





Emma Dent Coad was spot on with her recent comments about the Establishment clone 

Sir Starmer. We are under no illusions about Starmer as he continues his merry way to wreak destruction on the Labour Party on behalf of the Establishment, with whom Starmer is very unified.




Starmar jailed julian assange on a pack of wicked lies for the Establishment.



All part of preserving the status quo  for  the establishment with Starmers dodgy involvement in the Trilateral commision.





Finally, Keir Starmer refused to sign Unite’s letter demanding an end to fire & rehire. 

It says so much. Disgraceful. 

Time he showed some guts and passion by genuinely talking for workers. 

It’s pathetic.





Starmer and his front bench failed to challenge the Government for months including on lack of PPE and duty of care to our  NHS and social care staff. They were woefully silent and in a state of paralysis.


The movement and public had to do it.


Then Starmer infamously pushed the government to re-open schools, “No ifs, no buts, no equivocation” – and schools promptly became the main driver for the new ‘Delta’ third wave of the pandemic.


They refused to heed the pleas by our dedicated teaching staff and their trade unions.


We had a footballer who had to lead the just fight for free school meals. Whilst Sir keith was too busy waiting for  his focus groups to tell him which way to go!


At best, Starmer is totally inept, out of his depth and got dreadful judgement.





The failure to publish the findings of the Forde Inquiry.


Using members and trade union monies to reward wrongdoing of party staff instead of dismissing them for gross misconduct.


Plotting against party members


There is nothing in the custom & practice of Labour’s best traditions that prevents members from voicing criticisms of the current leadership. 


Plotting, scheming, diverting election monies - now that would be different!





The above factors demonstrate the appointment of an unfit and not fit for purpose acting Labour GS.




A Leadership that has been took over again by Neo liberalism and  that has rode roughshod over the values & principles of the movement.


Behaving more like a Tory Reserve 2nd eleven or bargain basement Tory Tribute band.


It's difficult to have principles when you frankly don't believe in anything under the current leadership.



When you inherit the largest socialist party in Europe, lose over 115k members on YOUR watch, alienate loyal Left trade unionists, create disunity, take your party to the brink of bankruptcy. And your answer is to proscribe groupings. Its absolutely appalling.





The latest attacks on socialist groups and members.


What has happened to the values of 

UKLabour when members  and MPs can jump in bed with those who attacked trade unionists, Liverpool supporters and phone tapping families like Milly Dowler. 


As they brief & write for The Sun, seek the support of Murdoch, without fear of discipline.


But going to political schools to understand the relevance & application of the theories of Marxism creates panic.




"An attack on one, is an attack on us all


We stand in Solidarity"



I have broken free from my chains.


I have cancelled my direct debits.



My conscience will not tolerate it for a moment longer to now belong to a party that has lost its moral compass.


It now exists in name only - it stains and violates real labour values of our Movement.


Yours sincerely




Gerard  Dempsey



Wentworth & Dearne CLP


Former Unite the Union Executive Member

Print & Media Sector - GPM&IT Sector




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