Friday, 23 April 2021

Racism - a poem by Peter Newell, a plumber and heating engineer



No matter what colour

No matter what creed

No matter the stuff

You sometimes read


We are, all human

With feelings inside

Should not live in fear

And have to go hide


Be you black yellow

Red white or blue

Racism is wrong

I’m speaking to you


No matter what thoughts

You may have of others

Remember they too have

Brothers sisters and mothers


Sexuality sometimes

Raises its ugly head

Forgive the pun

Let’s put it to bed


Homosexual lesbian

Don’t care what you are

As far as I’m concerned

You’re a human by far


Prejudicial thoughts

Let’s Put them away

What is all this hatred

I hear every day


It matters not what

Religion or belief

Think kindly of others

Please don’t’ give them grief


You may be worried

You may have concern

Tolerance of others

Is what we must learn


They may be Muslim

Christian or Jew

Tolerate others

As they do you


By Peter Newell – a plumber 

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