Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Local Bridlington Councillor writes to health secretary on hospital concern

The Rt Hon Greg Knight
House of Commons.

The local community is becoming very concerned and very ‘let down’ at the lack of action in respect of the future of Bridlington Hospital, with no signs of any of the pledges being kept regarding the restoration of services i.e the Acute Medical Services and the Cardiac Unit, much of the equipment having originally been purchased through fundraising locally, and should never have been removed in the first place.

At the meeting of Dec: 16th 2010 with the Secretary of State Mr Andrew Lansley, assurances were given that Bridlington Hospital had a future as a hospital, including his comments that “no firm decisions had as yet been taken in respect of the restoration of services“. he also mentioned the many recent advancements in heart treatment which could he said, have overtaken usage of the cardiac unit.

That still does not mean that the unit is useless, as it is still being used at Scarborough Hospital, another reason for its return to its rightful home at Bridlington Hospital .

Much is being made of future hospital services being put into the hands of local G Ps with continual references being made to all future decision making having the full support of the local community, whereby giving power back to the people, all sounds very good unfortunately nothing like that seems to be happening.

I am sure you will agree the local community in this area have, in no uncertain terms, made it quite clear what they want to see, that Bridlington Hospital should be restored to its full capacity as a local hospital with the restorations of its services, which had deliberately been taken away in order to prop up the failing hospital at Scarborough

Dec:- 16th Mr Lansley was informed that the main operating theatre was closed for 13 weeks to allow for certain works to be carried out, it is still closed.

I felt sure at that meeting the Minister had picked up the fact that he had not been made fully aware of the true situation and had only been told what the ‘Trust’ felt necessary to keep him quiet.


Dear Mr Knight,
Enclosed comments are of a great deal of concern within the local community, even the hospital staff are finding it difficult not to voice opinions on the present situation, .it is very unsatisfactory all the way round.

Are you able to give any assurances on the future of Bridlington Hospital?

Thank you for passing on to the Secretary of State my comments regarding the meeting of Dec: 16th sadly I have not even had an acknowledgment, I do hope he did find time to read them.

Yours sincerely,

 May Sexton

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