Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Letter to Nelson Mandela Foundation

  From: MARK METCALF <markcmetcalf@btinternet.com>
 To: "nmf@nelsonmandela.org" <nmf@nelsonmandela.org>
 Sent: Tuesday, 2 April 2013, 19:12
 Subject: Why did we march to free nelson mandela when you now stab us in the back?

Dear Mandela Foundation,

As someone who marched, organised meetings and petitioned to have Nelson Mandela freed from prison can I express my disgust at your decision to retain your connection to the football club I have followed for over forty years.

Did Sunderland Football Club support the demands for Mandela's freedom, did Ellis Short, did Di Canio? No, it was ordinary people, like myself and you should hang your heads in deep shame by your actions which are a deep betrayal of the international struggle against racism and fascism.

Mark Metcalf 

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