Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dr Dick van Steenis will be sadly missed

Brenda Sutcliffe has asked me to email you in respect to the passing of Dr Dick van Steenis whose work in exposing the harm done to human health by environmental toxins has saved countless lives here in the UK and overseas.

Sadly because of my health problems I was never able to meet Dick face-to-face but spent many hours talking with him over the telephone in respect to various health issues from organophosphates and vaccines to waste incinerators.

His expertise in all these fields was remarkable and he was one of the very few brave enough to openly expose the corrupt practices used to hide the dangers of the toxic effects that harm us all to varying degrees.

When I first spoke with him in 1999 he was trying to persuade the General Medical Council to investigate those doctors who were hiding OP poisoning cases but sadly he found, as many of us have done, that such people are well-protected.

He was involved with clinics offering single vaccines for measles mumps and rubella when worried mothers shunned the MMR vaccine and was able to explain why the MMR was able to damage children in the long term.

He helped victims of radiation, prevented the building of potentially dangerous waste incinerators in various parts of the country and was able to explain why our local incinerator plant frequently breached regulations controlling dioxin release - a problem which had been suspected of causing harm to both human and animal health in the surrounding areas of farmland for many years.

Officials feared his knowledge and efforts were made to undermine his excellent work but he overcame them all.

He warned years ago that people in hospital were dying prematurely as doctors used dubious tactics to clear beds.

At Christmas, the last time I spoke with him, he was wanting to leave hospital so that he could be cared for at home.

Sadly he died himself after a what was described as a short illness on 7th April 2013.

Dick's work has saved many thousands of lives and prevented even more from suffering serious long-term debilitating illnesses and all of us owe him huge gratitude for the considerable energy, time and personal cost in his efforts to protect us all and to have the true facts exposed to the world..
Our deepest sympathy goes to all his family and friends. Dr Dick van Steenis will be greatly missed.
Yours sincerely,
                         Richard A.R. Bruce

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