Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pakistan calling - 15 articles on developments there

A whole host of good articles from Pakistan by Yasir Ali

Journalist Yasir Ali has just moved to Britain. He are some of his articles from the last few years. Yasir is intending continuing to pursue his journalism career here and is seeking to join the National Union of Journalists.

1)  Modern Slavery Alive in Pakistan’s Brick Kilns

2) A Pakistani woman’s battle to stay alive

3)  Pakistan Struggle to contain dengue fever

4)   Pakistani Journalist demand killers be brought to justice

5)    Pakistan is in Mourning

6)  Pakistani minister assassinated

7)   Pakistani Hindus denied marriages and fuenral rights

8) Pakistan Special tailor

9)  Pakistan Rat Children

10) A community under siege in tribal Pakistan

11) Pakistani Journalist in dilemma

12)  Somali refugees in Pakistan rally for greater assistance 

13)  Afghan children working in dumps 

Opinion Page

1)          Democracy Betrayal

2)       Ambassador of Muslim-Hindu unity

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