Monday, 5 March 2012

Newcastle United silenced by Sunderland fans

Derby match at St James' Park and the Geordies can manage to raise just two chants during the whole game to silence the Sunderland fans. First, on nine minutes there's a tremendous chant of "Stand Up if you Hate Sunderland, and then 82 minutes later there's another ear splitting "You're not singing anymore." Ignoring the fact that the latter wasn't true the chant should really have been directed towards themselves - sixth in the League, a packed crowd and totally outsung by 2,500 travelling fans! There were some Newcastle lads singing next to us [i've no idea what they were singing as i could and never actually heard them the whole 90 minutes] and when we sang 'your support is shit' i swear some of them clapped in agreement!

Newcastle fan's support for their team at home is pathetic. And to my great surprise that is the same with the numbers travelling away. I was shocked to discover that in October - when Newcastle were third in the League - they took 743 to Stoke on a Monday night. On Boxing Day at Bolton they had 600 less than Sunderland took in October - when Sunderland were 18th in the League. Manchester City away - just 1,685. It's difficult to make direct comparisons as both teams still have away games to play but at the moment Sunderland are a good few hundred ahead per match in away attendances.

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