Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Football teams of the decades


The top side, with four league titles and two FA Cup wins, was Aston Villa. Everton, who started the decade by moving from Anfield to Goodison Park, were the best supported side.


With three league titles, one FA Cup success and the highest average gate it was Newcastle United.


With two league titles from just five competitive seasons it has to be Blackburn Rovers, with the magnificent Robert Crompton at the back, although Chelsea were the best-supported side.


With three consecutive titles and one FA Cup success it was Huddersfield although Chelsea, despite six seasons in Division Two had the highest average gate.


With five league titles, three in consecutive years, and two FA Cup wins the best-supported side Arsenal were clearly the side of the 30s.


With two league titles from just four seasons it was Portsmouth, although Second Division Newcastle were the best-supported club.


With three league titles apiece Wolves narrowly piped Manchester United for the honour of the being the team of the decade with success at the 1959-60 FA Cup Final. Attendance wise there was little to choose between Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea. Best watched away side was however Stanley Matthews’ Blackpool!!


Tottenham Hotspur won the most trophies with three FA Cup successes and victory in the 1963 Cup-Winners Cup to add to their single league success. However it could well be argued that the record of Manchester United was superior as in addition to winning the FA Cup in 1963 they also twice captured the Division One Championship and won the European Cup in 1968.


Liverpool with four league titles, a single FA Cup success, two European Cup and two UEFA cup wins were the team of the decade but off the pitch Manchester United assumed their virtually permanent place at the top of the attendance tree from 1972-73 onwards broken only by Liverpool in 1987-88 and 1988-89.


With six league titles, two FA Cup’s, four League Cups and two more European Cups then Liverpool were the number one team. 


Manchester United, with five Premier League titles, four FA Cups, one League Cup, one Cup-Winners Cup and the 1999 Champions Clubs’ Cup were the team of the decade.

First decade of the twenty-first century

With eleven trophies, including the FIFA Club World Cup, Manchester United were the team of the decade, with Chelsea three behind.

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