Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Would Blackburn’s trade unionists like to help highlight events that took place in August 1842?

Would Blackburn’s trade unionists like to help highlight events 
that took place in August 1842?

IF so please come along to the Plug Riot plaque 
on Darwen Street at 2pm on Thursday 25 May 

Unite Education department runs a project titled REBEL ROAD, which is an inventory of labour movement heroes and events that are publicly recognised in one format or another, generally a plaque. 

On Thursday 25 May a number of Unite members are going to have their photographs taken at 11.30am at the Michael Davitt Memorial on Wilkinson Street, Haslingden. There will then be a page on Rebel Road about this memorial and Michael Davitt. 

It is proposed to then visit Blackburn and have a photograph taken of the Plug Riot plaque on Darwen Street at 2pm. 

Joining up with the Unite members will be local historian Simon Entwhistle and who has written about events on that August 1842 fateful day, the 175th anniversary of which takes place later this year.  (A thought — perhaps an August 2017 event can be held similar to the one being organised in Halifax, where 6 people were killed at the same time in 1842?) 

This is an invite to Blackburn’s trade unionists — of all unions — to come along on 2pm on 25 May to Darwen Street and be part of the photograph featuring the Plug Riot plaque. 

For more details:- Mark Metcalf 07392 852561 or @markmetcalf07 

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