Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Want to help remember Halifax’s Chartist heroes?

Want to help remember Halifax’s Chartist heroes?

Come along on Monday 26 June 

6pm prompt start, meeting to end 7.15pm

King Cross Fire Station Community Room, Skircoat Green. 

Following the successful ‘We Remember the strike of 1842 ‘ Guided Walk by author Catherine Howe I was asked by those who have transformed it beyond recognition in the recent past to visit Lister Lane Cemetery.

In addition to meeting some of the ace people involved there was also the chance to find out more about the Chartists who are buried in the cemetery including Benjamin Rushton and on whom the Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery (FOLLC) have published a good pamphlet. 

The FOLLC hold regular meetings and are keen to co-organise an event in August to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the 1842 strike and Rushton’s role in it. The FOLCC has booked the meeting room at King Cross Fire Station on Monday 26 June and anyone keen to help remember Halifax’s Chartists either in August this year and/or afterwards is invited. 

The provisional agenda I propose is as follows:-

  1. Introductions and apologies 

2)  What is Lister Lane Cemetery?

3) Ideas for 15/16 August events? (*) 

4) Can we get a plaque up in Halifax Town centre to commemorate August 1842?

5) A mural. ( as above) 

6) Possible play.

Mark Metcalf @markmetcalf07 

07392 852561 Organiser of Unite’s Rebel Road project at:-

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