Saturday, 9 April 2016

Women in the 1916 Easter Uprising

Until very recently there was an absence of the history of women's contribution to the Easter Uprising in Ireland in 1916, Now, as part of the centenary celebrations, Dublin City Council has published a book detailing 77 of the women who participated, which is around a quarter of an estimated overall total of 280.

They include Constance Markiewicz - who later became the first women to be elected to (the British) Parliament - who was married to a Polish count and advised women to "buy a revolver".

Annie Norgrove was a 17-year-old Protestant. Her gas-fitter father was an active trade unionist. She joined the Irish Citizen Army during the 1913 Lock-Out and spent the days of the Rising avoiding sniper fire to ferry water to the insurgents. 

Richmond Barracks 1916 We Were There - Women of the Easter Uprising by Mary McAuliffe and Liz Gillis, Dublin City Council, 2016. 

Also look out for a very good article on this by Nicki Jameson in the current issue of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! April/May 2016. 

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