Monday, 3 December 2012

Slaughterhouse - agriculture remains at top spot in the killing league

Slaughterhouse - agriculture remains at top spot in the killing league 

The following people were killed in the agricultural sector in 2011/12.

Jason Reynolds 38, William Wilson Boow 67, Paulo Almeida De Silva 47, Norman Robertson 67, Geraldine Grace 67, Alexander Banks 64, Konrad Miskiewicz 24, Paul Gray 48, Craig Whipps 27, Colin Ellwood 38, James Steel 32, Odediyah Eastwood 57, Ieuan Evans 75, Marilyn Duffy 61, Luke Yardy 17, Ashley Yardy 22, Wallace Hale 88, Lee Woodhouse 30, Jeffrey Lee Jameson 32, Violet Crisp 83, Edward Arthur Davies 70, Angela Turnbull 55, Alexander Hamilton 68, William Laird 82, John Reid 84, Hugh Edward Percy Jones 18, John Mackinnon 65, Harold John Hitchcock 64, Ewen McGregor 59, Francis Alwyn Grassby 62, Phillip Egerton 60, Andrew Davis 39, Paul Davidson 33, Linda Keens 58, Terry Bailey 67, Roderick MacLean 33, Alistair Hislop 67. 

This total of 37 people is 21% of the total number of 173 fatalities in the UK at work. Yet agriculture accounts for just 2% of people working, making it by far the most dangerous industry in the land. Helping keep the country fed really does cost some people their lives. If the rate of killings were mirrored across the UK then the overall number of deaths would be 1,850 people. 

Of the 37 who lost their lives twenty were classed as self-employed, eleven as employees and six were members of the public. Nine fatalities were the result of contact with motor vehicles, five from falling objects and three each were as the result of falls from heights and asphyxiation. 

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