Friday, 8 July 2011

Well done Brenda Sutcliffe, a fighter for justice

Congratulations to Brenda Sutcliffe, the shepherd whose twenty year fight for justice for her colleagues killed and crippled by organophosphate [OP] sheep dip [see marks her out as one of the persons of her generation.

Brenda’s just received an award from GREENING the NORTH, a UK network with links to the Centre for Holistic Studies in India. She’d been recommended said the citation ‘by one of many farmers who have appreciated your work for the OP-affected, including your letters to the press.’

The award was a welcome boost to Brenda during a sad time, her husband Harold having died recently. His trade union, Unite, are now exploring the possibility of legal action for the long-term injuries he sustained back in 1992 when he, and Brenda, were compelled by Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food officials to use poisonous OP sheep dip. 

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