Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Forgiving father

A 13 year-old boy from Crewe recently imprisoned for two years after sexually abusing a seven year-old girl last year needs help and support. So says the victims’ father, feeling that without which the one time family friend will remain a danger to society and himself.

Describing the teenager’s attempt to rape his daughter as “any parent’s worst nightmare” the father added that what was “especially worrying is the boy has yet to show any real remorse. He needs to be assisted into recognising what he has done. Only then can he get appropriate treatment such that when he returns to society his follow up care can ensure nothing like this happens again in the future.”

Despite this concern the father believes his daughter’s assailant should be looking to live elsewhere. He’s adamant he’s not making any threats, but believes many people are angry at the incident and that in the circumstances a different location should be found for the youngster to live in.

On a wider level he’s concerned that far too many young people’s knowledge of sex comes from what they pick up “on the street or catching glimpses of pornographic, often violent, movies at home, where any idea of a loving relationship is absent.” He’d like to see much more being done in schools to giving young people a more balanced view.

Meanwhile he’s continuing to show support to his daughter saying she now found it difficult to sleep in her own bed or use the toilet and that whilst counselling was helping “it was a slow process. One I suspect we might never know has properly worked such that it would make it appropriate to stop.” 

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