Saturday, 23 January 2021

A tiny crack appears in Putin's state apparatus


A statement by a  police officer in Kursk.


I, Gibalov Ruslan Yevgenyevich, major of Kursk police, would like to express in this video my support to Navalniy Aleksey Anatolyevich and to members of his family.


I am not asking people to consider this video as an invitation to go to the streets and to the meetings.


I made this video as a result of analysis of the cases of real Russian patriots and criminal charges brought against them: Shestun Aleksandr Viacheslavovich, Bykov Anatoliy Petrovich; the situation of the chairman of the Lenin agricultural collective, Grudiyniy Pavel Nikolayevich, the criminal case against governor of Chabarovsk region Furgal Sergei Ivanovich and also the mysterious deaths of persons who one way or another have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current government, namely: the deaths of Nikita Isayev, Detsl, Kiril Tolmatskiy, Tesak Maksim Marcinkevich * and Sergei Dorenko.


Most of all, I am afraid that my children will be growing in the country where they might lose their lives for merely expressing their dissatisfaction with the government or be imprisoned for crimes they haven’t committed. Nor do I want to live to the day when my children will ask me: “Dad, what have you done that we could live in a free flourishing country?” and I will have nothing to say.


I would ask my superiors to show understanding in relation to this video.


Freedom for Sergei Navalniy and to all political prisoners!


Respectfully, police major Gibalov Ruslan Yevgenyevich.




Tesak Maksim Marcinkevich was an oft-convicted violent thug and neo-nazi who died in custody under brutal, mysterious and as yet unexplained circumstances.


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