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Mark Metcalf’s work for UNITE EDUCATION department under the direction of Jim Mowatt, Unite Director of Education 

Mark Metcalf 
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In 2013, Mark began developing on behalf of Unite’s Education department a series of reading and history projects. 

Tutors on Unite education courses often get asked what books they would recommend reading. As a result we have decided to  launch a book - or books - of the month service for Unite members. The subjects chosen will be very varied and will include politics, sport, social and labour history and economics. There will be a review of each book and details of how readers can obtain copies. View the books reviewed so far 

Unite education is also publishing some of its own books on famous figures and successful struggles from the union’s past including Jack Jones, Tom Jones, etc.These all feature as books of the month & have had glowing reviews - read the 'Searchlight' review of these books

Unite members who would like to see a particular book reviewed - or would like to do a review - should get in touch. If you are a Unite member who has had a book published please also get in touch. 

BOOKS WRITTEN BY UNITE MEMBERS - here you can read reviews of books authored by Unite members past & present. 

The books that have been published and written by myself are as follows:-

TOM JONES -  a fighter for freedom and working people.
Spanish Civil War Volunteer and Welsh TGWU general secretary 

JULIA VARLEY - Trade union organiser and fighter for women’s rights 


TONY HALL: Trade unionist, anti-racist and radical cartoonist 

BENNY ROTHMAN -  a fighter for the right to roam, workers’ rights and socialism 


Welcome to Rebel Road, a section of the website that celebrates trade union and labour movement heroes that have been publicly recognised in one form or another such as a statue, plaque or building named after them. You’ll also find pubs with historical connections and a list of museums and exhibitions that anyone wanting to know more about labour history should consider visiting.

The Rebel Road project has also led to the establishment of the Ellen Strange Commemoration Committee at that in turn has led to a new research project into Revenge Porn that is to be targeted at
helping trade unionists develop policies on this issue. 

Mark has spoken about the Rebel Road and book projects to a great number of Unite workplace and safety reps courses. The talks have proven to be very popular. 

As of May 2016, Mark is currently writing books for UNITE EDUCATION on Mohammad Taj, Charlie Clutterbuck and THE TRADE UNION CASE.

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