Thursday, 10 September 2015



1-4pm on Saturday 24 October at Bradford TC, 17-21 Chapel Street, Bradford BD1 5DT
Refreshments from 12 noon. 

Especially since the defeat of the Miners’ Strike in 1984 the left has been unable to articulate its own positive vision of the future. 

The history of banners, songs and slogans that powered generations of working class activists seems to have disappeared along with the lefts claims to ideas like Freedom, Solidarity and Progress. 

At the same time the ruling class has proved itself much more capable of articulating practical examples - there is mobile phone contracts called "freedom", bars called "revolution" and advertising hoardings featuring cartoon characters with raised fists.  

In the light of the failure of the anti austerity movement, and the rise of corbynmania, it's more pressing than ever for us to find a way to communicate what we are for, rather than what we seek to defend. Join us for a series of workshops and discussions as we seek to name the future.
Speakers/workshop leaders currently being confirmed.

More details from Mark Metcalf on 07952 801783 ( and and Javaad Alipoor on 07730 145122 (

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