Friday, 20 March 2015

£1,600 already raised to commemorate first publicly recognised domestic violence victim

More on Ellen Strange for an event on 29 November that may turn out to be quite special...

Ellen Strange commemoration date will be 29 November 2015

Trade unionists and domestic violence campaigners in the North west will hold a special event at 11am on Sunday 29 November 2015 at what is thought to be the oldest site in the world to commemorate a victim of domestic violence. (*) The date was chosen because it comes within the Domestic Violence Awareness Fortnight and is also close to 25 November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. There will be a wreath laying ceremony and some speakers followed by a social occasion in a local venue afterwards. 
A facebook page has been set up on which we will post further details as they are finalised
The cairn on Holcombe Moor near Ramsbottom, Bury is around 400 yards from a nearby footpath. It is not accessible for anyone in a wheelchair or anyone with very limited mobility.
Meanwhile, John Simpson has agreed to rewrite his 1989 booklet on Ellen Strange and this will be re-launched on or around 29 November. Funds are going to be needed to pay for the booklet and the events on 29 November and so far around £1600 has already been raised from contributions from Unite North West region, Unite Bolton branch and Bolton Trades Council. Bolton Trades Union Council has agreed that its bank account can be used for cheques payable to Bolton TUC.  BTUC, c/o Bolton Socialist Club, Wood Street, Bolton BL1 1DY.
Martin McMulkin
Secretary Bolton & District Trades Council

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