Thursday, 4 December 2014

BBC and Andy Burnham shaft OP victims

Earlier this week the BBC Farming Today programme featured sheep dip. 

03 Dec 2014 Sheep dip, Christmas geese, Tidal surge

Wed, 3 Dec 14

The Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, is calling for more information on how farmers may have been affected by using sheep dip in the 1970's and 80's when twice-yearly dipping of the 44 million sheep in Britain was compulsory. Many farmers argue that the practice caused them severe long term health problems and government advice on protective clothing was inadequate. 

Andy Burnham wants more information? He is not stupid but he is certainly blind and deaf as there is so much information then his call is simply about kicking the subject into the long grass. 

Type in OPs in the search button on this blog and you will find just how much information there is.

Take a look at:-

Here is what one of the OP victims sent me yesterday. 

Hi All,
No word on how the 2nd OP meeting went yesterday in Parliament but the BBC have used it well.
If you want to hear how much damage was done to OP sufferers by restricting yesterday's meeting in Parliament to Sheep Dip you only have to listen to the broadcast on Radio 4's Farming Today programme this morning - 3rd December issue available for download if required. 
(Sheep dip, seemingly the only important issue in OP poisoning, fills the last 10 minutes or so)
"Balance" they call it - weighing the truth against blatant lies which go unchallenged....
Oddly enough PAN UK's Nick Mole raised by far the best points in the entire broadcast, pointing out that even the recommended protection would not protect and that no warnings were given on inhalation. But he was on safe ground because the only farmer affected (living outside of Burnham's constituency) referred to the illness as like CFS or ME - which of course is the very diagnosis used by officials to hide the effects of OP poisoning, even when there is scientific evidence supporting a poisoning diagnosis.

Worse still Andy Burnham, having refused requests from a member of the Lords to address the issues raised and evidence supplied by people outside of his constituency then refused not only to ask for the requested Police investigation into the corrupt practices employed to hide the evidence but also suggested that more evidence was required before an inquiry could be requested.
Then came the final blow used by the BBC to undermine all that went before when they reported the comments from Defra, which in turn relied on the Committee on Toxicity's dishonest reports of 1999 and their last one which followed several in-house studies and supposedly demonstrated that there were no long term effects for OP poisoning. Quite how they manage to ignore the mass of evidence is one of the biggest mysteries, unless of course they are paid not to recognise it.

Obviously COT and others believe that "Death" is not a long-term adverse effect. 
250,000 deaths a year according to the WHO and very few of them had even seen sheep dipped...
I am sure that anyone listening will now believe that the only people to suffer were sheep farmers and that they have not been poisoned but suffer with CFS - which is said to be a mentally induced state with no known cause... 

No wonder the deadly organophosphorus compounds, including glyphosate, escape all attempts to ban them and numbers of people adversely affected increase.

Brilliant support for the poisoners but then the BBC does very much like GM crops. 
Sadly it was all so predictable but would anyone listen? Not a chance.
Can the damage be undone? Doubtful I would say....

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