Friday, 19 July 2013

Di Canio is a fascist and is therefore a racist

A number of Sunderland fans are claiming that Di Canio might be a fascist but he is not a racist. They are even putting it around that Mussolini wasn't a racist.

So was there no intrinsic racial policy to Italian fascism? 

What therefore are we to make of Mussolini’s statement in 1928 that he feared ‘the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other coloured races which are multiplying at a rate unknown to our race?” 

In 1938 he told a Rome audience after the invasion of Ethiopia: “This is why the racial laws of the empire will be rigorously observed and that all who sin against them will be expelled, punished, imprisoned. Because for the empire to be preserved the natives must be clearly and forcefully aware of our superiority.”

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