Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Camera operator/video editor required for short non-broadcast documentary (subject to securing funding)

Camera operator/video editor required for short non-broadcast documentary  (subject to securing funding) 

The documentary director, Mark Metcalf, is applying to a charitable Foundation for funding for a 15-minute non-broadcast documentary about the impact of incinerators on infant mortality and health. The documentary is intended for screening at public meetings, the Houses of Parliament, on social media, and to send on DVD to MPs and local councillors. 

Mark is looking for a camera operator and video editor whose work history details he can include in the funding application. Employment is conditional on the success of the funding application.

The camera operator would also record sound direct to camera during the 5-6 day shoot. This would take place in the Midlands, the South East and the North of England. Free accommodation, meals and transport would be provided.

One person who is skilled in both areas could carry out the camera operator/video editor roles. Ideally s/he will have their own equipment to do both pieces of work, but open to discussion if this is not the case.

The production would be fully insured.

BECTU Rates of pay at £309 for a 10-hour day. S/he will be employed on a freelance basis, and the work will either be in June or October, depending upon when the funding application is made.

Mark is a freelance journalist who has written extensively about elevated levels of infant mortality and poor health amongst all ages, in neighbourhoods downwind of incinerators. Now the Health Protection Agency has commissioned a study into the issue. 

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  1. Hey Mark,

    I'm enjoying reading your stuff.

    I have replied to the shooting people bulletin in relation to this particular post.

    I am keen to be involved,

    Let me know what you think when you get my message,

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    Tom F Sykes.