Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Who's this bloke Lord Hutton, the pensions pincher?

As a Labour MP for eighteen years Lord John Hutton received close to a million pounds from the public purse. Yet, despite having a number of jobs lined up, he took a £64,776 're-adjustment' cash payment when he quit last year with a pension payout of £37,000 a year.

Lord Hutton was handsomely rewarded for his proposals to cut public sector workers pensions with a monthly salary of £4,000 for a three-day week.

He's also guaranteed £300 a day for attending the Lords. Finding the time could be difficult because as a paid advisor for law firm Eversheds he's currently speaking on the future of public sector pensions to audiences that include private pension providers. 

A year ago Hutton, a nuclear energy supporter, joined the board of U.S. firm Hyperion Power Generation Inc. The company aims to sell mini nuclear reactors but has attracted critics who fear the technology will be utilised as a 'bombmaking threat' by rogue regimes.

Meanwhile Hutton works as a 'strategic communications' consultant for PR firm APCO. The company hit the headlines last year when a former employee revealed it had been behind attacks on Michael Moore's filmSicko that pushed the case for a publicly funded US healthcare system.

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