Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Construction tops workplace deaths chart but agriculture remains most dangerous sector in 2019/2020

Construction tops workplace deaths chart at 37 workers in 2019/2020 whilst agriculture remains the most dangerous sector to work in 

The provisional figures for deaths at work from the Health and Safety Executive are 131 people. 37 are in the construction sector and 13 in agriculture. 

These figures confirm that agriculture remains the most dangerous sector to work in as it accounted for 10% of deaths despite employing just 1.4% of the overall workplace.  
Of the 13 killed, nine were self employed, almost certainly farmers, at an average age of 64 years and four employees, average age, 30 years. Most deaths are as a result of moving vehicles.

Construction has many more people working in it than construction but it does not employ 27% of the total workforce.  Yet that is its % figure when you see that the sector has recorded 37 of the 131 deaths to date.

The total figures, which will rise as the current list (dated May 5) records no deaths after 13 March, often takes time for deaths at work to be officially recorded, is 131.

The figures do not include military personnel. It will also be of interest to see how the HSE intends recording workers who have died from the coronavirus. 

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