Monday, 1 July 2019

Good turnout for unveiling of Edward McHugh headstone

75 people turned out on 29 June 2019 

Pat Hackett, Birkenhead Council leader and leader of the Labour Group spoke well 

MP Dan Carden was amongst the speakers 

Sheila Coleman, great woman 

Andrew Newby, author of a biography on Edward McHugh, had travelled specially from
Helsinki and outlined the great Irishman's many achievements 

Luke Agnew, with Mick Whitley, who chaired the event next to him, explains his delight in seeing the headstone
up in the Memorial Gardens where he works. 

The headstone came about after a talk by Mark Metcalf to a course of Unite stewards at Jack Jones House in
Liverpool. Luke Agnew was on the course and when he mentioned McHugh's unmarked grave it
was agreed to get a group together to raise funds for a suitable headstone. The result is as above, well done to Luke. 

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  1. Great stuff Mark & Luke -- so glad to have been a part of this great day.