Monday, 7 January 2013

Time to bin sick Bramble chants

An appeal to Sunderland fans 

Contents of a letter sent to Sunderland Echo, A Love Supreme fanzine and Roker Report. It follows a number of people raising their concerns to me about the song, which originally was even worse as the words were then 'he rapes when he wants." ALS and Roker Report have already put the letter online. Thanks to them. 

From: Mark Metcalf, 
South Stand season ticket holder, along with 4-year old son Charlie. 

Well done to those Sunderland fans who successfully challenged last weekend at Bolton those singing the disgusting ‘Titus Bramble sex songs’, which have become some sort of badge of honour in an ill-judged campaign to annoy Newcastle fans. Bramble himself should also know better than to acknowledge those doing the signing as no-one singing the songs is doing it because they think he is a good player.

It was particularly clear from the reaction of many female fans at the Reebok that they do not like the song and would like it stopped. The song also tarnishes the growing reputation Sunderland fans are rightly getting for their vocal support away from home, with Sunderland fans at Man Utd, St Mary’s, Anfield and at the Reebok simply superb in the non-stop noise they created. Brilliant, let’s keep it up, but let’s bin the Bramble chants.

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