Thursday, 28 June 2012

The future of football reporting

The future of football reporting 
Many readers may not have noticed it but many of the reports now appearing in newspapers are not even written by reporters who have seen the games either live or on the television. (which despite pub signs and tv advertising is not actually seeing it live!) 
In the past journalists might be asked to re-write a report to make it look as if they had been there. Today it’s a lot worse than that. In the press association’s offices in Howden, Yorkshire 8-10 students each weekend (its called work training, other people may call it exploitation as the work they do makes a profit for the company) watch the games on television. The pitch is divided - four quarters in each half - and the students document how many times the ball goes into it, who kicks it and with which foot, as well as throw-ins. Shots at goal are recorded.......etc, etc.........its a statisticians heaven.
All of this is then totalled up and sent to newspapers who ask reporters to write an article on the game.  

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